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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Historic Blunder made with regard to a Deal

Currently, I've gotten into this habit of talking in riddles, so here goes :

No...I'm not opposing the deal itself. As it might be of strategic interest vis a vis India's N.E. 15,000 feet + A.P. border areas taking into account certain strategic placements of certain...
probably adding more 50 would have made a difference.

But what has ANGERED 95% of neutral Indians is the way in which it was achieved. And which has been revealed clearly by the media, for after all we are a democracy.
Which raises doubts as to does this foreign power wants us to totally remain within their control and hence a weak country? How much right do we really have to exercise our own free will in case there A.P. is threatened, not just the regular infiltrations that are occurring every day.

The same foreign policy mistake has been done by this foreign power vis a vis the following countries which it did not trust :

  • Japan......a stronger Japan would have meant a bulwark against China & N. Korea.
  • France, Germany & other European countries.....which would have served as a bulwark against an Eastern Socialist country that is now rapidly growing in power. There would have been no need of a Missile Defense Shield at all.
  • A few of its southern some real totalitarian regimes seem to be cropping up real fast.

" A bogeyman thought of a thousand times becomes the truth"...adapted from somebody else's quote.

Hope that doesn't become the case with this country now grappling with an Oil Crisis...

...or lack of intelligent foreign policy makers, shall I say.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You got point. Too many lobbyists spoil interests of nation. And then al the democracies