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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Global Economic Recovery Strategies ..part 2

As there are forums and conferences going on in Davos and other places on tackling the Global Economic Meltdown..
Certain points for pondering :

  • Much research has to be done on Strategic Partnerships vis a vis Countries. The European Union has had a head-start only due to analysis of such data.
  • Economic partners should be such that they are not much skewed in one
    direction. That is, one country should not be dependent on a single
    country vis a vis Imports, or even Exports.
  • Big Companies will struggle to keep afloat. So, they have to sub-contract at a cheaper price Projects / Consultancy Work to smaller companies. I see lot of small companies who have the necessary overall
    idea about Global Macro-Economics profitting.
  • Trade and other Deficits. It is unbelievable how such simple things could have been overlooked, even a schoolkid can do the basic maths. I guess we need Economic "Ankit Fadia" s (the legendary cyber-security expert)..the entire Macro-Economic Model that the Capitalist Bloc of
    Countries is TOO MUCH REGIMENTED.

Disclaimer : If you've received this in your e-mail, it's part of my auto-forwarding list..which I sometimes forget revising in a hurry.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Global Economic Recovery thoughts...

Seems like the cryptic message (last posting) is havinbg some effect....
Anyway, coming back to ground reality regarding this Global Economic Meltdown...some points to ponder :

  • How come most "expert" business / finance portals show the STOCK INDICES on a LINEAR SCALE ?
  • Why not a SCALE based on %WISE...or logarithmic ?
  • Anyone made a QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS of the COMPARATIVE SUCCESS within the last 10 years of the 4 MAJOR CAPITALIST BELTS : the U.S. - Canada belt, the EU (European belt), the Pacific Rim Belt and the Developing Countries' belt ?

Points to ponder indeed...........