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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Right Time to Invest in Gold

This just might be the right time to invest in gold. Market gurus are saying its the weakening dollar & a nervous global market. But it could be a culmination of many factors :

  1. One is of course the weakening dollar, against the euro & other strong currencies. That always historically pushes up the gold.
  2. It's basically a wartime economy, folks. Some analysts are of the opinion VHNWI 's are hoarding up on gold in billions. Besides these some corporations are also stuffing up gold.
  3. This leads to a temporary shortage, pushing up gold prices even more in the future.
  4. Further terrorist attacks or even the threat of further attacks will boost up gold further.
  5. There's a credit crunch, leading to gold price increase.

It's Gold Rush 2 ...... INVEST before it's TOO LATE