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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning from survivors of Leh

One can study from the three survivors of Leh flash floods.

Of course, the survivors are traumatized after 2 days' buried beneath the debris. So, I am of firm conviction it is not at all a good idea to ask questions right now. They are right now so traumatized that it would be very difficult to get any rational, logical answers from them.

However, let me analyze a few things:

Labradors were used to retrieve the survivors. But as well as I can remember, there are other breeds of dogs, which I cannot remember, but are probably Golden Retrievers and Saint Bernard dogs. Saint Bernard dogs are of course, used in snow-clad areas of very high altitudes.

One good idea would be to use more of these dogs. Because animals have a sixth sense, which of course, has been found partially scientifically, and they can locate survivors far easily than mechanical devices.

Proper training, keeping the Labradors motivated throughout, and having an optimum amount of skilled canines, is of course a Disaster Management policy, that has to be exploresd, researched more thoroughly.

Solving the Mumbai Oil Spill

Let me point out the problems and solutions to the Mumbai oil slick from a layman's point of view:

From Times of India report, it may take 6 to 8 months to remove the ship from the shallow bed on which it is lying. Solution: An Underwater ROV can be placed to keep a watch on what is happening in and around the ship.

Meanwhile MPT officials have sent in a team to pump out the oil. This is a very good move. Also pumping out oil won't take very long.

The oil slick has reached the shores. Solution: Mumbai authorities have taken right decision to ask people not to panic. One has to look at that Dale Carnegie's portion of "How to Stop Worrying" - tell the people, what is the worst that can happen. The answer is that in Reality, not really something disastrous.

How to solve the oil slick. Solution: Any oil slick will be maximum in the middle. So, the best thing would be to focus on the middle of the oil slick, which has the most concentration. One has to only study the flow of oil to understand this.

I'll be putting forward more on the Mumbai oil slick SOLUTIONS.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Solutions for Containing Mubai Oil Spill

Got wonderful Audio-Visuals and Coverage from India Today regarding Oil Spill: HEADLINE

VISUALS show a lot about the oil spill which is into the 3rd day due to Two Panamanian cargo ships colliding.

Here are my amateur oil spill threats and mitigation /solutions:

We see the cargo containing oil falling - 300 containers carrying oil have
tumbled into the water. SOLUTION :The sea floor bed is relatively shallow.
Those oil containers would be sitting on the sea floor. So, an ingenous solution may be - putting across a long line of plastic with depth of approximately 2 feet. Oil floats on water, and it would be difficult to cross the barrier.

If ship goes down, which it seems it would within a certain time. SOLUTION : Monitor damage to marine life from hazardous elements. Also, monitor chemical amounts ingested by fish. Because this fish might be consumed by humans.

Most important of all - people should be told not to panic. The methodology is given in my earlier postings.

Oil slick is 5 nautical miles in length. SOLUTION : Weather and tide patterns from a historic point of view have to be studied to come to an understanding WHICH WAY THE OIL SLICK WILL BE MOVING.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Solving Environmental Crises - Part 3

This is Part 3 of my humble endeavour to give ideas in solving Global Environmental Catastrophes.
I gave some solutions with respect to the Leh Floods, the Pakistan deluge, the China mudslides and floods, and the Russian wildfires.

Now, here's turning to the Gulf Well Oil Spillage Crisis. Here are my ideas:

First and foremost, people have to be told through Public Broadcasting System not to panic, and to be told that it is a natural catastrophe over which Mankind has no hand. To be more precise, it is an Act of Nature.

Volunteers in cleaning up the oil spill can be given special incentive. This can be in the form of a contest. The person who cleans up the most oil-smattered ecological debris in a plastic bag gets the highest prize.

Research into oil-eating bacteria.

The plug is capped. So, this is a great thing. Since it has been capped on mid-July, there is little chance of more oil spilling.

Innovative sensors can be put to check on the cap. These can be pressure-sensors attached to the cap. Reason is : If the oil starts to surge up, the pressure-sensors can gauge any upcoming oil spill.

Residual oil spill can be tracked by looking at the thermohaline Gulf Stream convective ocean current. The way in which the oil will be moving can be tracked in advance.

I will be writing about 7-8 articles on Environmental Disaster Management if my Net connection stays o.k.

Mud Slide in China - how to solve it

Just few minutes back, surfing the Net got this News from China about a massive mud slide and Flood in China:

"The death toll rose to at least 96 people on Sunday after massive landslides hit northwest China, state media reported.

About 2,000 more people are missing after the landslides, which were triggered by heavy rains, Xinhua news agency said.

The landslides occurred early Sunday morning after heavy rains started pummeling the area Saturday, authorities said."

How to solve it:

  1. Afforestation
  2. Chinese are very efficient in utilizing manpower. Step 1 can be very effectively carried out.
  3. Using plastic bags filled with sand to contain the weak spots in the landslide zone.
  4. Again as in last posting, building dams in upper catchment area.

Step 4 is for solving the flood problems.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Solutions for the Global Environmental Catastrophes

Since we all live and move within a certain location radius, it is not possible for us to see a Global Environmental Catastrophe.

Here are a few Solutions for the Global Environmental Catastrophes occurring throughout the world:

1. Forest fires around Moscow causing widespread smog. Solutions: The Nuclear Plant has to be saved at first priority. A ditch can be built around the Nuclear Plant constantly filled with Foam, the only thing that resists Fires. Foam is far better than Fire.

2. Leh Floods in India. A good idea would be to construct a Preventionary Dam, with a Diversionary Canal upstream from where the water came.

3. Pakistan Floods. The same idea as in the Leh Floods. Build upstream Dams to divert water in case of Flash floods.

4. Hurricane Season in U.S.A. and other countries. Good thing would be to identify spots where Hurricanes originate. A Plot Graph of locations where Hurricanes have originated. If this can be done, one can look at the root of the problem.