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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


1 Single Economic Problem can be solved most successfully by a Specialist.

Multiple Economic Problems, inter-connected, factors that have to be considered(economic,global security,geopolitical,"mass psychology",national considerations) can only be solved by a Generalist. Reason: A Specialist has a 1-track mind, a Generalist keeps his mind open.

Here are the PROBLEMS of the Global Economy right now...and in the persisting future. WARNING : Problems will sometimes seem to disappear, but only TEMPORARILY :

  • Crude Oil is $140 / barrel. My prediction of it touching $200 / barrel (made in January 2008) now seems to be an accepted fact arrived after much calculations by the world's leading economists with Ph.D.'s, MBA's & what not under their belt.
  • $140/barrel to upwards to $200/barrel will cause severe . The Money has to come from somewhere - where from ? The Banks, the Reserves, the Gold, Forex.
  • Deficit.....$ trillion deficits by many countries....Apply Common sense. You owe the bank lotta money, the collector's gonna come some day, ain't it ? The deficit & amount owed by certain countries is mind-boggling....obviously the big manufacturers will stop having confidence in selling their stuff to these countries.
  • Deficit Corollary. The relative devaluation of certain currencies will cause investors to flee certain markets....the stock markets will plunge drastically.
  • Stock Markets Over-valued. This is especially true with respect to some developing countries where Foreign Investors (Institutional or Direct or otherwise) come flocking, make a "fast buck", buy/sell within months, and disappear to some other green pastures. Their own citizens are most to blame, buying and selling in hordes. These countries' stocks are highly over-valued. Obviously, they'll crash. Some have now crashed to realistic levels.

I've run out of time...could carry on & on.

So let me offer hasty SOLUTIONS :

  • Deficit should be cut down at all costs. Increase tax. Encourage small businesses, instead of just appeasing the big monopolistic ones. This is especially applicable to developing countries.
  • Oil rationing should be made part of a nation's policy. A radical thought, but any other short-term solution ?
  • Developing nations' oil/gas companies should be privatized. To cut down on unnecessary costs.
  • Human population Control.....In many sense, this is the numero uno problem.
  • Over-reliance on specialists should be stopped IMMEDIATELY. Entrepreneurs, businessmen and even a few Under Grads might be able to offer "out of the box" solutions.

IN CASE THE DEVELOPED NATIONS FORGET....this was the way they became RICH NATIONS. U.S.A., European Countries, Asian Tigers took the lead not through a structured system.

But how do you recruit for part-time/freelance these generalists?

Very easy....let the countries' authorities apply Open Source Intelligence or OSINT , commercial I mean...(readers who don't know the meaning can search extensively via Google Search)

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Anonymous said...

How about a generalist heading quite a few specialists ?