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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Innovative Technology

Was just trying out the Google Map Maker....

Seems like I.T. is heading for a PARADIGM SHIFT from Programming to :

Viewing the Global Information as a

NETWORKED, CREATIVE RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Techno Finance Gurus of India

It's a sad thing we forget our own people who contributed so much to the Growth of the current Indian Economy. But, good to so...their work lasts on the Net. Scouring the Net brings us lot of info about their pioneering work.

This was done on a Techno Financial many :

  • Dewang Mehta .....without whom I wouldn't have been able to write this blog, perhaps. He was the pioneer who was campaigning for BROADBAND HI-SPEED INTERNET as top priority for India. His slogan was ...India needs "Roti, kapda aur Broadband" ....nobody believed him when he started campaigning. Hats off to you...Late Mr. D. Mehta. He died early....what he could have given to this country had he been alive today.
  • Sam Pitroda....he ushered in Modern day Telecommunications....Interesting to see those tech-savvy(?) teenagers to 40 year-olds, even...brandishing their myriad gadgets...unable to remember him. A lot of people opposed him....saying personal computers were bad for the Indian economy !
  • Dr. Manmohan Singh....he was never a politician. India has forgotten that he saved Indian Economy from the brink of Total Bankruptcy. Now, many people have different opinions about him. But I'm sure History will write the right words about him 100 years from now.

All these people were not politicians... used by them..but were instrumental in powering India to what it is TODAY.

These visionaries were what I'd call :

Techno Financial Gurus of India

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Russian Threat...Ukraine factor....frightening

I am really surprised at how and why the West was caught napping.

I heard a TV news broadcaster in a reputed channel saying that Ukraine may be at threat. Now, that is very,very,very serious.

Georgia has a population of I guess....7-8 million and area-wise 27,000 square miles.
But Ukraine's population is 52 million ! Area 233,000 square miles !

Ukraine had a split mandate as far as I can recollect vis a vis its relation with Russia.

The Russian tanks stormed rapidly into Georgia, though how they crossed the Caucases I dunno...some passes maybe. But they should have been heavily guarded.

My hunch is it's a fight for Oil or Strategic Positioning. Or that Georgia wants to join NATO so Russians move into Southern Ossetia.

But what about Ukraine ?

  • I heard the Black Sea Fleet is mobilized. That's a very large sub-unit of the Russian Navy. An amphibious assault from the South into Ukraine via the Black Sea Coast.
  • Combined with the Russian cocktail of Tank + Armored Vehicle + Infantry attack (one should study the Cold War history & WW2 to see how effective it is, IMHO...numero uno) will be..... say the least.

BTW, I'm just a neutral blogger examining the possibilities.....
But, one interesting thing is : If one can keep one's mind totally's difficult, believe me, and inputs the various could have seen this coming.

Though I don't think Ukraine is currently at risk.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

PREDICTION COMING TRUE vis a vis Rise of Russia

Do see my posting on 3rd June, '08....and some others roundabout that time, I guess.

Russian forces have crossed into Georgia, Southern Ossetia. IMHO, Russians are the masters of the game when it comes to Ground Offensive combo of Tanks + Armored Vehicles + Infantry + Artillery ....and more.

Almost "Shock and Awe" or it whatever you may.

The capital of Southern Ossetia has fallen. Casualties 1500...officially.

The country of Georgia is under threat itself.

What is it for ? Oil, natural may never know. But as a layman, one can only guess.

Who's next ? Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia. I don't think Ukraine, because it's quite formidable.

But this is SCARY....the Masters of Retreat and Attack, of Strategy & Tactics ...have applied their Logistics with respect to Ground Frontal Offensive and gobbled up a part of Georgia !

Is it ready ???? The European Missile Defense Shield....I mean.