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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Solving the Mumbai Oil Spill

Let me point out the problems and solutions to the Mumbai oil slick from a layman's point of view:

From Times of India report, it may take 6 to 8 months to remove the ship from the shallow bed on which it is lying. Solution: An Underwater ROV can be placed to keep a watch on what is happening in and around the ship.

Meanwhile MPT officials have sent in a team to pump out the oil. This is a very good move. Also pumping out oil won't take very long.

The oil slick has reached the shores. Solution: Mumbai authorities have taken right decision to ask people not to panic. One has to look at that Dale Carnegie's portion of "How to Stop Worrying" - tell the people, what is the worst that can happen. The answer is that in Reality, not really something disastrous.

How to solve the oil slick. Solution: Any oil slick will be maximum in the middle. So, the best thing would be to focus on the middle of the oil slick, which has the most concentration. One has to only study the flow of oil to understand this.

I'll be putting forward more on the Mumbai oil slick SOLUTIONS.

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