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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning from survivors of Leh

One can study from the three survivors of Leh flash floods.

Of course, the survivors are traumatized after 2 days' buried beneath the debris. So, I am of firm conviction it is not at all a good idea to ask questions right now. They are right now so traumatized that it would be very difficult to get any rational, logical answers from them.

However, let me analyze a few things:

Labradors were used to retrieve the survivors. But as well as I can remember, there are other breeds of dogs, which I cannot remember, but are probably Golden Retrievers and Saint Bernard dogs. Saint Bernard dogs are of course, used in snow-clad areas of very high altitudes.

One good idea would be to use more of these dogs. Because animals have a sixth sense, which of course, has been found partially scientifically, and they can locate survivors far easily than mechanical devices.

Proper training, keeping the Labradors motivated throughout, and having an optimum amount of skilled canines, is of course a Disaster Management policy, that has to be exploresd, researched more thoroughly.

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