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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mud Slide in China - how to solve it

Just few minutes back, surfing the Net got this News from China about a massive mud slide and Flood in China:

"The death toll rose to at least 96 people on Sunday after massive landslides hit northwest China, state media reported.

About 2,000 more people are missing after the landslides, which were triggered by heavy rains, Xinhua news agency said.

The landslides occurred early Sunday morning after heavy rains started pummeling the area Saturday, authorities said."

How to solve it:

  1. Afforestation
  2. Chinese are very efficient in utilizing manpower. Step 1 can be very effectively carried out.
  3. Using plastic bags filled with sand to contain the weak spots in the landslide zone.
  4. Again as in last posting, building dams in upper catchment area.

Step 4 is for solving the flood problems.

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Anonymous said...

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