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Monday, August 9, 2010

Solutions for Containing Mubai Oil Spill

Got wonderful Audio-Visuals and Coverage from India Today regarding Oil Spill: HEADLINE

VISUALS show a lot about the oil spill which is into the 3rd day due to Two Panamanian cargo ships colliding.

Here are my amateur oil spill threats and mitigation /solutions:

We see the cargo containing oil falling - 300 containers carrying oil have
tumbled into the water. SOLUTION :The sea floor bed is relatively shallow.
Those oil containers would be sitting on the sea floor. So, an ingenous solution may be - putting across a long line of plastic with depth of approximately 2 feet. Oil floats on water, and it would be difficult to cross the barrier.

If ship goes down, which it seems it would within a certain time. SOLUTION : Monitor damage to marine life from hazardous elements. Also, monitor chemical amounts ingested by fish. Because this fish might be consumed by humans.

Most important of all - people should be told not to panic. The methodology is given in my earlier postings.

Oil slick is 5 nautical miles in length. SOLUTION : Weather and tide patterns from a historic point of view have to be studied to come to an understanding WHICH WAY THE OIL SLICK WILL BE MOVING.

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