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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Geopolitical Factors that might affect the Asian Markets

I am leaving the Middle-East to the Indian sub-continent in this scenario.

There's massive problem in the South-East Asian Theatre and the Far East.

South East Asian Theatre:

1. Thailand. Great Instability. What with the Red Shirts infuriated, there is bound to be further backlashes.

2. Burma. There was a chance for democracy. It has failed, and situation will deteriorate.

Far East Theatre:

Horrible things have been discovered. Covert torpedoing of a South Korean ship, breaking all international rules. No warning issued, no notification given that the S.Korean ship had accidentally strayed into N.Korea's maritime waters. Loss of 40+ lives.

Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan are , obviously on standby. With the heavily protected DMZ of S.Korea manned by UN troops also, there is little chance of success by the N. Korean regular troops to launch a full-scale offensive.

But the threat of missiles remains.

It is good that the international community is exploring diplomatic options.

But all this instability may affect the Far East and South East markets.

1 comment:

sahil singh said...

Nice analysis, asia that too eastern part of asia has always had problems may it be Vietnam, Burma or Thailand.

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