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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flood Advisory for the Bengal Coast

I did the following as a Project to see that a vortex formation of a Low-Pressure (Cyclonic) Disturbance was clearly there from 4th September 1 a.m. (01:00 IST).
I found this vortex growing steadily from 01:00 IST 4 September 2009.

Courtesy the Kalpana Satellite Pics.

Well, go to the Indian Meteorological Department Site:

Here you have the dynamic satellite pics from the Kalpana-1

Satellite , Asia Mercator Projection. It's an ANIMATION. With sliced Sat Pics.

Make the Pause at 1000 Milliseconds. (the default is set at 95). Fill in 1000 to observe the Vortex Formation clearly.

Now observe closely.

You'll SEE the vortex formation.

It has the potential of a moderately heavy cyclone.

Now add the constant drizzling rain in the upper catchment area adding to the Hoogly and distributaries' water volume.

Also add 4 more Factors:

1. The Full Moon Tide Effect. 4 September was Full Moon.
2. Storm Surge Effect due to low pressure.
3. The Funnel shaped Bay of Bengal, resulting in the combined Full Moon Tide Effect & Lo-Pressure Surge Effect. Obviously experts must have made measurements with
Reynold's Number and what not in the different sub-channels.
4. The embankments that may be in bad shape.

One has to keep watch on potentially devastating floods

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