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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bengal Flood Prediction Comes True

I will continue to issue warnings regarding Flood Advisories, H1N1 & Bird Flu Cautions, Potential Tidal Surges, Drought Situations, Transgression of Seas & Mitigation Methods, other Global Warming Related Severe Side Effects, etc. so that the Government can take proper steps. I know that the Government faces a tough task having to rely on various media channels.

Do Note my Flood Advisory made on September 5. And do read in details the observations made. Of course, sliding the Kalpana 1 Satellite Dynamic pics Timer from the default 95 to 1000 milliseconds I noticed the DRAMATIC VORTEX FORMATION.

I rely heavily on the Indian Meteorological Department's website for the case of India. The Site's real good.

Do check out the following news :

Villagers were caught unawares after the DVC released water from the Maithon and Panchet dams, following heavy rainfall in Jharkhand and parts of Bihar.
The rising water levels are causing floods in different areas of Burdwan, Bankura, Hooghly, Howrah and East and West Medinipur Districts.
Consequently, over 200,000 people have been rendered homeless in about 150 villages.
“Water rose suddenly yesterday at around 9 in the night. Our homes have been inundated. We are forced to spend the day on the river dam, which is higher” said Runa Doloi, a resident of Singpur village.
Among the worst affected villages are Singhpur, Ramchak, Chawli, Mansukha, Khansbar, Ranichak, Ramchandrapur which have been submerged by the floods.
Over the past forty-eight hours 100 thousand cusecs"

Good reporting was also done in a local News Channel named Channel 10. I found they gave very up-to-date prompt reports.


  • Low pressure increases storm surge.
  • Add the tidal surge.
  • The strong vortex was going to suck up a lot of water and there was going to be heavy rainfall in Gangetic West Bengal.
  • The sub-cyclonic formation was of enough width to carry it forward and deposit rain in the upper catchment areas.
  • The reservoirs have to release water.
  • The water raises the water-level at the lower Ganga Plains tributaries flowing into Hooghly, as well as those draining thru' the Sunderbans.
  • The water due to moderate rain in Burdwan, Bankura, Hooghly, Howrah and probably even Midnapur and 24 Parganas next cannot go out due to the risen up water level.

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