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Saturday, August 9, 2008

PREDICTION COMING TRUE vis a vis Rise of Russia

Do see my posting on 3rd June, '08....and some others roundabout that time, I guess.

Russian forces have crossed into Georgia, Southern Ossetia. IMHO, Russians are the masters of the game when it comes to Ground Offensive combo of Tanks + Armored Vehicles + Infantry + Artillery ....and more.

Almost "Shock and Awe" or it whatever you may.

The capital of Southern Ossetia has fallen. Casualties 1500...officially.

The country of Georgia is under threat itself.

What is it for ? Oil, natural may never know. But as a layman, one can only guess.

Who's next ? Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia. I don't think Ukraine, because it's quite formidable.

But this is SCARY....the Masters of Retreat and Attack, of Strategy & Tactics ...have applied their Logistics with respect to Ground Frontal Offensive and gobbled up a part of Georgia !

Is it ready ???? The European Missile Defense Shield....I mean.


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