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Thursday, July 15, 2010

My understanding of Islam - part 1

The purpose of this post is to dispel certain misgivings / rumours I have been hearing about me
lately. First let me clarify one thing - I AM HINDU , but regard all religions with respect, and
am a man in search of God.

Post- 9/11 , like MOST people around the world, I began interested in understanding Islam.
Of course, before 9/11, I had 3 VERY CLOSE Muslim friends. I also had some other friends of
Islamic faith, but they were mere acquaintances. Now, with 2 of my Muslim friends, I used to have HOURS AND HOURS of philosophical discussions, and sometimes they used to touch Religion.

So, I had a tentative, HEART-FELT, INTUITIVE UNDERSTANDING of Islam before 9/11.
9/11 shocked me, as it did every human being. And, being the curious creature that I am - like Muezza the Cat, I began delving into the Net about Islam.

My anger slowly dissipated over years as I began to see the surface beneath the depth of a great Religion.

HOURS AND HOURS I spent trying to understand Islam. At the point of time that I am, I have
reached certain conclusions -

Islam respects Nature. In fact, the Holy Koran is rightly called the Book of Nature. One can see
a wonderful movie called "Muhammad, Messenger of Allah" directed by Moustapha Akkad, to come to a
basic understanding of the message of the Prophet Mohammad. In true Islamic tradition, the
Prophet is not shown. Anyway, a cursory viewing of the film reveals the deep love theProphet
Mohammed had for Nature. In this movie is shown the Prophet Mohammed's doctrines underlying his PROHIBITTING CUTTING OF TREES. As also, is shown how his life is saved by Qaswa, his devoted Camel, as also, a spider, doves, the elements of Nature like the DESERT itself.

Searching the Net, one can find wonderful stories about Muezza the Cat. Almost every Muslim knows about the stories of Muezza. This love of the ordinary Cat is extended to all the Big Cats.

It took me hours of research to understand that Islam respects Nature to the extent that ALL

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