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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sinking of New Moore Island a pointer to Global Warming's Effects

I remember, while a kid in Class 8, sometime in 1979, I guess, listening to my Geography teacher, highly erudite vis a vis the border dispute arising from the appearance of an island....It was called the New Moore Island. The rate at which it was growing led many to discuss heatedly whom it belonged to - India or Bangladesh.

Well, seems like Nature had the final say.

Now, New Moore Island has been swallowed by the transgressive sea, just as Digha and other sea towns are being...

Well, check out some stuff from Rave and Rant by Eugence:
"Many of the people on this site are demanding evidence that Climate Change is
happening. After all it is still cold in the winter.

For the people in low lying islands there is little dispute. They can see
their homes disappearing a little more each year. There are many island
nations like the Maldives, Tuvalu, and Kiribati where the highest point in
the nations range from six to fifteen feet. These islanders are looking for
new homes.

This year an island in the Bay of Bengal disappeared below the waves, ending
a territorial dispute between India and Bangladeshi. The Bay of Bengal
island, which India called New Moore Island and Bangladesh referred to as
South Talpatti, has ceased to exist.

This island was uninhabited and had no structures on it, but used to be 1.3
miles long and 1.1 miles wide and was 6 feet above sea level in 1990."

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