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Friday, February 2, 2007

Fall and Rise of the Communist Blocs

1990’s saw the fall of the much touted Soviet Union.

The free-market driven countries heaved a sigh of relief. But they made a mistake of not aiding the fallen satellite communist countries of the Soviet Bloc.

Then came 9/11 & the rise of the Islamic fundamentalists.

Right now, the democracies of the world are making another great mistake. They are concentrating almost 90% of their energy & resources in the “War on Terror”.

THE RESULT : Totalitarian China has risen exponentially. Russia is also much stronger. Human rights in such totalitarian regimes are abysmal.

Not to speak that China is responsible of wiping out an ENTIRE SPECIES - Panthera Tigris …( the tiger ).

All we can do is just sit & watch….switch the channel, maybe ?

And maybe just watch with concern when Kim of North Korea when he fires one of those Taepodong II missiles ?

??? Why are the democracies of this world afraid to tackle the main problem, the main threat ?

Time to remember that old proverb …….“A stitch in time saves nine “

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