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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oncoming War : A Closer Look

As of today, what's going on, folks?

  1. CUBAN MIS(HAP) CRISIS : Not the Missile crisis of the '60 s......but, it seems more hardliners are coming in, Raoul & all. What does it mean : more headache for the US, Canada, etc. B'coz it means Venezuela, Mexico & some other Latin American countries are going to join the party... What it means is: more OIL CRISIS, because of Venezuela....start investing in DOMESTIC OIL STOCKS, because Oil Companies that depend more on overseas oil basins are IN CRISIS.

  2. CHINA FACTOR >> "Dumping" of market goods through "artificial price control" will happen bigtime. The target: European markets + N. American markets. Now, these goods are mainly consumer goods ( categorically textiles, electronics, etc.). This will depress the consumer stock markets....You should get out of these within 1 year. At the same time buy into Steel & Cement because of construction going on in China & India.

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