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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Emerging Market Players

In these times of change, let us look at some sectors.


We are evolving more & more towards a networked society. Where knowledge is shared, so that maximum utilization can be made.
I guess you can put your money on companies that are harnesing the potential of the Net, such as Google. The success of the search engine was just the start. Now one has a whole gamut of services, be it news, blogs, books, open source codes, photo organisers....
But the real stunner, to some, is Google Earth. You can travel to almost any part of the globe (it's like taking a free chopper ride, I'd like you guys to explore the river valleys of the Himalayas, or the Andes)....There seems to be a "gold mine" of Geo-spatial Information still hidden...
Google Earth will evolve, value additions will take place through merging GIS applications, as well as "real time" globe scanning, imagery intelligence, town-planning, etc.
Think of the potential :
You want to take a hike in the Himalayas, let's say to Pindari Glacier during the monsoons....log on to Google Earth RealTime, zoom in ...see if it's raining in there, see if there is any landslide before Dwali or not cutting the trekking route.
A dam with hydel power capacity needs to be built across a river. Civil engineers can study the flow variations in "real-time" for a more effective construction.

CONVERGENCE . It’s the next big thing. You got PCs, mobiles, PDAs, TVs, so on….it’s just become too complex. We all want a SINGLE GADGET, & the companies are funding in for a One Stop Solution. As end – users, we just need ONE THING, not a million gadgets. Now, we ARE moving towards convergence. Your mobile is getting to look more and more like a PC, and vice versa. But, the billion $ question is: which companies are the nearest to the ONE GADGET ?

Nobody is really sure on that. But look around, do your R & D, and I hope you can find the dark horse that wins the race.

All I can say is, it’s going to be a company that you’ve probably not heard of.

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