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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Interesting Global Snippets...

Back after a long period.

Some Global Snippets of Reality :

  • Team Obama's amazing Flexibility and Open Government Initiative is truely historic. Feedback from anybody can be filtered, analysed and positive steps can be taken.

  • My outcome prediction for 38 out of 42 seats for the state of West Bengal came correct. That's an accuracy of 90.47 %. I spent a lot of time on this particular matter, and was myself astounded by my success. Beat all the Media & Surveys.

  • Europeaan Union's Elections..makes me think - had I access to the Data 5 months back - would have been interesting trying to figure out predictive analysis. I guess India lacks the maturity to hear the Truth, but the EU doesn't. Jus' kidding ;-)

  • Silver 'n' Gold. My prediction made 1.5 years back are holding steady.

  • Global Economy at the same time is slowly recovering. Thanks to the long-term vision and unity between the North American, EU and Pacific Rim countries. As also co-operation from the BRIC, Mid-East and other parts of the World.

  • Great Initiative by Obama's Team as also EU and other countries in understanding the problems of the Islamic Bloc and negotiating with the Mid-East countries. Truly historic from a Geopolitical sense.

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