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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Global Economy it a war economy ??

It might be a bit early to say that it's a total war economy, where gold, silver prices are rising.

But then there are other indicators too:

The developed countries' stock markets are not giving good returns.....investors there are turning more and more to investing in emerging markets.

Now, check out the following graph:

Study the graph above......graph source:

Note, the steady fall of the U.S. $ (red line) begins to fall post 9/11 .....of course, there's a buffer time period, the fall starts from 2002 end of first quarter.

Check out the rise of silver prices (blue) , it starts rising from about start of 2002....

It's exactly inverse proportional !

And that trend is continuing till as of today.

Now, wouldn't you say it's a global war economy ?...........

God knows

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