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Saturday, April 7, 2007


Google is set to be the greatest software giant mainly because of its vision.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in computing, I.T. , ITES & the media. In the future, most of our computing / I.T activities will be on the Net. The success of Google has been due to its ability to understand this trend.

We bloggers are one example of the media shifting towards the Net. So, obviously, the advertisers are also shifting towards this new medium, from TV’s, movies & other channels of entertainment. We already have online videos, courtesy Youtube. There will be more CONVERGENCE.

Then, of course, there is the legendary Search Engine, which is now dominated by Google. In the future, more complex SQL facilities/parameters should be added to refine searches. Maybe, we might be able to query information FROM MULTIPLE WEBSITES into a COMPOSITE RESULT.

We already have some of these…like Google News, Google Groups, University, Scholar Search, Book Search.

We are also hoping for acceleration of the process of ONLINE PUBLISHING……Google already has a headstart…blogging is just the start of a REVOLUTION.

There are also useful applications like Docs & Spreadsheets which can be incorporated.

Then, take GOOGLE EARTH. IMHO, this is probably one of the greatest achievements on the Net. We have the entire globe at our disposal. I hope more & more LAYERS OF INFORMATION are added. After all, “a picture tells a thousand words”. With more R & D, this layman’s GIS will GROW…..

We hope Google adds querying facilities to Google Earth. It can, potentially, be the growth of the greatest software of this century. THEORETICALLY, you can put ALL THE DATA OF THIS GLOBE INTO THIS SOFTWARE. It could also be glimpses of real-time, with updates.


Let’s say some software giant wants to fix it’s Operating System bug….It’ll post the problem it’s having, with some PRIZE MONEY OFFERED FOR SUCCESSFULLY FIXING THE BUG…..Programmers can dump their codes into an EVALUATION STORAGE of the SOFTWARE GIANT FACING AN O/S BUG…..the guy(or team) whose code(s) fixes the bug gets the PRIZE MONEY OFFERED. This’ll also save the company a huge amount of money.

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